Renaissance of an Ultramodern Design

          Shopping malls, apartments, museums, schools, stadiums, hospitals....these are all types of architecture we see in our daily life. However, about how many times have you stopped by to look at a building that caught your attention? If you look at all the famous architecture around the world, they all have something special or remarkable that makes them stand out so much. I want to be an architect who can design buildings that are significant or unique in its functions and purpose.
          Being an architect isn't easy, it takes a lot of effort and practice to really apply your skills in real life that people can acknowledge you for. I read an article about becoming a successful architect and learned that the most important quality trait you need is being communicative. I agree with this because an architectural designer doesn't work alone, but with many other people who contribute in the process designing and constructing buildings. I realized that it's important to listen to people's ideas, suggestions and even criticisms because you can always learn from them.
          The world of technology and business keeps changing and it will continue to. That's why I believe that I should have an insatiable desire to keep learning and show commitment to my job. "There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning" - Christopher Morley Just like this quote, I'll continue to strive and become proficient in being an architectural designer.